From the perspective of the glass greenhouse installation, Varnet has chosen to be at the forefront of innovation with its vision of sustainability.


Normally, glass greenhouse construction consisting of iron and steel, glass and aluminum components, as a result of our R & D studies and qualified technical production capacity of our experienced engineers, we managed to create only from the glass and aluminum. The components are aluminum and glass, including heating pipes and gutters with this synthesis in the construction of our greenhouse.

Due to its strength, it is preferred that aluminum is an almost wear-free metal (with very long life), easy conductivity properties, cleanliness and production and assembly capabilities without the need for gas sources, will be in the foreground at the preferability stage. Furthermore, the ease of recycling and minimum loss in recycling are the biggest and most valuable economic indicators for our investors to decide on the greenhouse construction with this material. Static calculations and reports have already been documented and certified. As of today, we are aiming to present our aluminum base glass greenhouse, which is still in use, to the appreciation of our valuable investors in the near future.